Trecom Network Operation Center

Our centre offers network monitoring. We rely on modern infrastructure of our own design, which collects data on the availability and performance of individual IT infrastructure components. We analyse events and react proactively to any threats occurring inside and outside the network before they become an incident or a specific failure. Cyclic reports ensure service continuity and network efficiency and confirm the effectiveness of the technical and business parameters we’ve established and applied. At the client’s request, we prepare reports covering any period of the monitoring service.

Range of operations

  • SAN/LAN/WAN network infrastructure (switches, routers, firewalls, matrices)
  • application monitoring
  • VoIP environment
  • virtual environment

We monitor all elements of the network infrastructure that respond to the SNMP protocol. We perform availability monitoring using device responses to Ping commands in the ICMP protocol.

Monitoring parameters

At the Trecom Network Operation Centre, we monitor the following parameters:

  • availability
  • response time
  • packet loss
  • interface use
  • power supply and fan condition
  • CPU and processor load

What do you get?

  • ensured continuity of IT systems
  • minimised costs related to problems with individual infrastructure components
  • IT support provided by certified engineers
  • Single Point of Contact = improved communication
  • full 24/7 infrastructure monitoring
  • extensive skills and competences in the field of IT infrastructure, which help in the development of new components