Trecom Lab

The Trecom Lab is both an idea and its practical implementation. The idea came from the Trecom team. It is implemented in a laboratory in Poznań: server rooms with four fully equipped Emerson Network Power rack cabinets (currently Vertiv) with a guaranteed power supply system, air conditioning, access control, and of course a high-bandwidth internet connection (BGP ipv4 ipv6).

Located at the YouNick Technology Park (, the Trecom Lab also includes conference and workshop rooms as well as a laboratory space. Our laboratory is equipped with solutions from the largest IT solutions suppliers, including: Cisco, VMware, Microsoft, Siemens, F5, Netapp, Azeti, PaoAlto. The whole structure is supported by Cisco Webex Board communication systems.

For whom?

The Trecom Lab is intended for our clients’ technical staff and for Trecom engineers who want to broaden their knowledge of the technologies we offer. The Trecom Lab is available only to Trecom clients and associates.

Why the Trecom Lab?

High-level workshops are guaranteed thanks to the experience of our engineers and the support of IT providers. In addition, working with clients in a friendly environment allows us to share technical knowledge more effectively.

Goal of the Trecom lab

The Trecom Lab’s goal is to provide the highest quality IT technology workshops for Trecom clients. The Trecom Lab was founded on the principles that most workshops would be free, and that knowledge would be shared most accessible way in order to better develop the IT industry in Poland.

The Trecom Lab also conducts paid training sessions, following programs established by Trecom’s best specialists.  We use the profit from these sessions to support our free workshops.