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In 1996, two engineers decided to change the face of the Polish IT industry Together they founded Trecom, which has developed rapidly thanks to its dedicated team of employees.

Today, the Trecom Group consists of 7 companies across Poland and one in Slovakia.

The dynamic expansion of the Polish and European markets has not affected the principle on which the Group was founded: competence matters. This is why each company in the group is directed by both a specialist engineer and a businessperson. This organizational structure means the Trecom group is truly a group of experts.

Thar largest firms in the IT industry have recognised our constant drive to expand in to new areas, to acquire new skills, and to further develop existing skills. We’ve been one of Cisco’s largest partners for years, and we’re a gold partner with many creators of the IT industry’s latest solutions. Currently, the Trecom Group employs more than 50 world-class engineers certified by the biggest names in the IT industry.

We’re primarily focused on the design, implementation, and integration of complex IT systems, guaranteeing their secure and reliable operation. After all, our motto is: Creation, Security, Development.