Unified communications systems

Unified Communications Systems, also known as integrated communication systems, are technologies that enable the integration of multiple communication channels.

They include:

  • instant messaging (chat),
  • telephony (both fixed and mobile),
  • video calls and videoconferencing,
  • information on user availability,
  • sharing data, applications, and device desktops,
  • combining communication channels, i.e. e-mail, text messages, voicemail, and fax
  • remote presentations and training (webex)



Unified communications – perhaps better called integrated communications – are increasingly based on video connections, which are possible thanks to increasing bandwidth, improved mobility, and the use of cloud solutions.

For whom?

Unified communication systems are generally provided to retail companies, service and training providers, and call centres, which:

  • deal with a large number of customers,
  • communicate using various channels,
  • send and collect a large amount of data about customers, services, and transactions.

Why Trecom?

We offer design, installation, configuration, documentation, training services, and post-implementation support services, as well as software development services for integrating individual solutions and applications.

Our offer includes:

  • video conferencing terminals that are a combination of a camera, a speaker, a microphone, and a display together with stands, management systems, and a secure Internet connection. We offer terminal-based solutions: Cisco, Huawei, Plantronic/Polycom, yealink, as well as the Cisco VCS terminal management system
  • web conferencing solutions, without the need for specialized equipment. We use existing components available in personal computers, tablets, or smartphones: Webex Teams, Cisco Spark, SparkBoard, Microsoft Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, Vidyo
  • comprehensive unified communications solutions – Cisco Call Manager
  • tools for call centre communications and management – Cisco Contact Center and Calabrio – which enable recording conversations using the Calabrio and zoom recorders. These solutions allow for integration with Customer Relations Management (CRM) systems such as Salesforce, SAP and miniCRM, as well as automated Contact Centre questionnaire systems.  We also offer dedicated cloud solutions for call centres – Focus Telekom
  • standard e-mail systems connected to office applications, as well as communications software for conducting internet conferences: Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office365, and Skype for Business