The Cloud

At Trecom, we implement projects on a comprehensive scale, and we’re one of the only companies in Poland that can boast of unique skills and competence in the deployment and maintenance of IT environments. Our services address all key areas of infrastructure services.  We create databases, build and maintain networks, configure servers, and deliver applications.

The cloud services we provide include computing power, disk space, databases, ‘big data’ analytics, and machine learning.

We offer services related to the design, configuration, and maintenance of all types of cloud architecture.  Cloud management is a constantly growing and very important element of our offer.

Private clouds – systems created and maintained by a company’s own staff – are the best known and most commonly used.  They are usually used to maintain business systems and applications.

Public clouds, unlike private cloud, are managed by an external provider. Clients can’t directly manage the network or server infrastructure. The most important features of public clouds are their scalability, as well as the availability and diversity of the business services they offer, which can easily be adapted to meet clients’ changing needs.

Hybrid cloud solutions are often the most desirable and most intensively used model for cloud computing. Hybrid clouds combine private cloud systems with public cloud services such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, or the Google Cloud Platform. As a result, companies can take advantage of the scalability, availability, and diversity of public cloud platforms and the services they offer, while still relying on their own stable infrastructure.

How do we work?

We build our offer to meet our clients’ needs. Using continuous integration, delivery, and deployment models, we provide optimal solutions for each specific client and each specific need.

Services offered

On a day-to-day basis, we assist clients in using global public cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and the Google Cloud Platform, as well as local providers such as, 3S, or Oktawave, the platform ranked by Gartner as the fastest on the market.

Together with our technology partners, such as Cisco, Dell EMC, IBM, HP, and NetApp, we implement specialised solutions based private clouds, public clouds, and the integration of both environments.

Are you worried that cloud solutions are too expensive? Maybe you don’t know how to account for them, because you’ve always planned your budget six months in advance? Perhaps you bought solutions, and six months later you had to do the calculations all over again, because your business is growing faster than you expected? This is a very common scenario. At Trecom, we offer customised solutions that give you confidence in scalability. We offer our services with several payment plans: Pay-as-You-Go (payment for resources used), Reserved Instances (for a mature, stable business), or the Prepaid model.

Cloud security

Are user data secure in the cloud? More secure than on your own server? There’s one answer: YES. Why? Global service providers meet stringent international standards and must work in accordance with local laws both where they are physically located and where they provide services. Employing a full range of the latest security technologies, public cloud providers guarantee the highest level of security, whereas private cloud servers are often secured using only the most basic tools, such as a firewall.

Remember, however, that standards are not everything! We humans and our passwords are the weakest link in security.

Our cloud providers