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Proof of Value of the Cisco CloudCenter system

Cisco CloudCenter is a tool for automating and managing the interoperability of cloud environments. It includes the ability to model, monitor, and deploy applications in multicloud environments developed using public, private, and hybrid clouds.

The Proof-of-Value tests were conducted in order to demonstrate the capabilities of the system to the client.  In addition, we’ve researched possible scenarios for integrating the system with an existing private cloud, as well as the potential for transferring applications to public clouds. An important element of the Proof-of-Value testing was to demonstrate the integration of the Cisco CloudCenter model with the client’s existing ITSM systems and decision-making process – to show that it is key for the fast and secure implementation of new applications.

The Proof-of-Value tests included: Presenting the actual work of the DevOps class environment – automatic creation of developer, test, acceptance, and production environments based on a tool such as SVN, Jenkins, Frog artifactory, or Kubernetes. In addition:

A demonstration of the ability to translate an abstract application model into a real implementation model in a private cloud based on the Cisco ACI environment and the VmWare and Docker/Kubernetes virtualiser.

Creating an example of a multi-layer application with automatic nomination in a private and public cloud environment in accordance with the DevOps model (automatic versioning) and integration with the ITSM process, including acceptance of the application version promotion to individual environments (test, acceptance and production).

The Proof-of-Value demonstrated the value of the Cisco CloudCenter system not only as an instrument for building and managing cloud environments, but also as an automation and standardization tool enabling significant acceleration of application implementation processes. Thanks to the automation of the application model creation process in this environment, we demonstrated CloudCenter’s usefulness for those working with a private cloud based on the Cisco ACI system.